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Language and signage

Language and signage should be person centred and inclusive of everyone, not just for people with a disability, everyone.

Below you will be shown some examples of real-world examples of signage and language. You will be shown some good examples and some bad examples.  Using your own lived experience with disability, you will be asked to answer some questions and provide your thoughts.

Sign with bold large text ‘Disabled and Pram Access’ with large arrow pointing to the left
Image of Disability symbol of man in wheelchair with text ‘Help us redesign this 50-year old symbol
Image with text ‘Gender Neutral Toilet’. Above the text is multiple symbols of a man with walking stick, robot, batman, pregnant woman, man, woman, mermaid, different cultural dress and an alien.

Image of child with disability, woman in wheelchair and man with cane with text over the top stating ‘I’m not your inspiration’
Image of sign stating ‘Disabled persons paring only’ with disability symbol of man in wheelchair at the bottom of the sign.