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Benefiting everyone

Community is part of Australian culture, it is part of our everyday lives.  When a person joins a community groups or sport club they receive many benefits including:

Table with headings: developing social networks, mental health, physical health, participation and involvement in community, improving quality life, sense of belonging and acceptance.

When people with disabilities are included in community groups regularly and become part of a team or community, their disability status fades into a wider sense of equality and belonging.   Peoples ‘blind sports’ and unconscious bias towards ‘difference’ slowly disappear.

By including people with a disability into sports clubs and a community groups, it can transform community and societal attitudes towards disability as it highlights people’s skills and helps reduce the tendency to see people for their disability instead of as a person. 

It changes the view from ‘what they can’t do, to what they can do!’

When people with a disability are included in recreational and sporting clubs and community groups it benefits everyone!