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According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, Australians with disability can face a range of individual and structural barriers at different stages of employment including recruitment, retention and re-entering the workforce.

Myths regarding employing a person with a disability include:

  • Employing a person with a disability takes longer and costs more than employing anyone else
  • A person with disability won’t be able to do the job, won’t fit into the workplace and it takes too long to train a person with a disability.
  • There is no ongoing support for the employer or person with a disability.
  • It is too costly to modify workplaces to be accessible for people with disability.
  • Small & Medium Enterprises don’t have the resources and time to employ a person with a disability.
  • Liability and Insurance costs will be higher and there are Occupational Health and Safety issues.

For information challenging these myths read the Myths and Stereotypes document on the Australian Public Service Commission website.